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Women are always careful and far away, so the appropriate investment channel for them is the channel with high stability and safety.

1. Send money to the bank

1. Send money to the bank

Bank savings is always considered as a safe and stable investment channel. The interest rate of the bank is not much changed, the profitability level is not too remarkable but still quite good and guaranteed.

Current 6-month or 9-month savings interest rates are currently fluctuating from 6-8% per year, longer terms such as 12 months, 13 months and 24 months with interest rates up to 8.6% when send big amount. In general, the current interest rate is stable, not volatile, the increase and decrease only ranges from 0.1 to 0.3% / year.


As a distant future, women are always aiming at saving and contingency for unfortunate uncertainties, so saving is a channel not to be missed. Savings will help them to easily manage their savings, security and enjoy investment benefits while preserving their initial capital.

Moreover, the forms of savings are more and more convenient and convenient, from sending online to applications, e-wallets linked to banks, so that senders can trade in / out anytime and anywhere without to worry about cumbersome procedures.

2. Purchase government bonds

2. Purchase government bonds

“Government bonds are bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance to mobilize capital for the state budget or mobilize capital for specific investment programs and projects within the scope of state investment.”

Investing in government bonds means putting money to own government bonds at face value stated on bonds for a certain period of time (5 years / 10 years / 20 years) and entitled to periodic income at interest rates rate announced by the government.

It is possible that the interest rate of government bonds is not as high as the savings interest rate, but this is considered a safe investment channel and almost absolute capital preservation capability. In addition to the recurring income, the buyer is likely to enjoy a higher return than the initial investment value when the bond price fluctuates.

As a safe and attractive investment channel compared to savings deposits, government bonds should be added in the women’s portfolio. With low risk, high capital preservation, women can be assured of saving for the future, and still have a stable source of income and when the need for large amounts of money can still be resold or pledged at credit institutions.

However, the condition of the amount of money on a transaction of government bonds is quite large from tens of millions to hundreds of millions, so buyers need to balance financially and carefully consider before investing.


3. Investing in life insurance

3. Investing in life insurance

Life insurance is also considered an investment channel in addition to protection and savings. Life insurance does not bring great value in terms of investment, but it offers great protection and accumulation benefits.

When investing in insurance, women do not necessarily have to be investment experts but entrust the leading experts of insurance companies so it will be very leisurely. In addition, women who invest in insurance do not need to contribute large amounts of capital but only need to invest the money with monthly savings to benefit and reserve for the future.

The woman in the family always wonders how to save money for the future, how to prevent risks for the whole family and also wants the money to be profitable, the life insurance is the most desirable channel. . At that time, the same amount of investment in life insurance made all three functions: protecting the whole family against unexpected risks, accumulating for the future, increasing assets quickly.

For women, the factor that is put on top when investing is safe, stable and secure, so these are the three most appropriate investment channels. Each channel has its own strengths, depending on the needs, experience and personal financial situation to select the best channel or invest in all 3 channels.


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Different forms of loan to invest in the rental

Loan in fine or depreciable?

Loan in fine or depreciable?

the credit in fine

If the loan in fine is not suitable for the purchase of the principal residence, it offers various advantages in the context of the rental investment.

The first advantage lies in the fact that the share of interest to deduct on rental income is significantly higher than for a conventional loan, as can be seen in our example. This is logical because we do not repay the borrowed capital.


To put it simply, in our example we will start with a mortgage of 200,000 euros at a rate of 3.6% excluding insurance over a 15-year loan term, a rate of 4% for 20 years and 4.20% for a loan over 25 years.

The second advantage of such a formula for the investor is can reduce his monthly loan since it does not amortize the capital. On the other hand, it requires that you have capital to invest. On the other hand, the final cost of credit will be higher than with conventional financing.

  15 years 20 years 25 years
classical In fine classical In fine classical In fine
Total interest deducted 59 000 € 108 000 € € 90,870 160,000 € € 123,365 210 000 €

Depreciable credit

Most investors opt for a depreciable credit.

In this case, it is necessary to make a numerical projection of its project, because the share of interest will decrease as and when repayments. As a result, the tax deduction will be less attractive in recent years.

Choose between a fixed rate and a variable rate

Choose between a fixed rate and a variable rate

Banks often offer a variable loan to finance a rental investment.
If you opt for this type of financing, it is better to choose a revisable rate “secure”.

For example, you can decide for a cap rate that puts a cap on the rise or choose a variable term loan. In the latter case, the eventual increase in the rate will primarily affect the duration and not the monthly payment.


Loan in the context of a tax exemption operation

Loan in the context of a tax exemption operation

If you make a rental investment in the context of a tax exemption operation such as the Borloo law or the Scellier law, you must first carry out a complete tax study.

Be vigilant and seek to obtain from another source of the one who offers you the operation. Some unscrupulous wealth managers do not hesitate to offer summary studies, without taking into account inflation for example to obtain a favorable result for the investor.

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Loan processing at 0-1.5% per day (the final rate is determined on personal terms). New customers apply for a loan of 2-15 thousand rubles for 30 days, permanent ones – from 2 to 30 thousand for the same period. There are 2 options for obtaining borrowed funds – on a bank card or account.

Advantages of Loans:

Advantages of Loans:

  • new customers draw up the first loan without interest (amount – up to 15 thousand rubles);
  • the company provides the option of extending a micro loan for 14 or 30 days (you will need to pay for the loan extension);
  • applications are processed quickly – in 15 minutes;
  • The MFI works 24/7, so it will be possible to receive money at any time of the day ;
  • the presence of accident insurance for up to 30 days, however, refusal from it does not affect the decision on the loan application.

Make a loan 

Online loan without interest in Moneza MFIs at https://Mrs. Jellyby.ru

Requirements for borrowers:

  • the presence of Russian citizenship and registration in the country;
  • the minimum age at the date of treatment is 20 years, the largest is 65 years;
  • availability of a permanent source of income.

Make a loan in Moneza MFI →

To make an application, you will need to provide the service with the following information:

  1. passport details;
  2. Mobile phone number and email address;
  3. size of monthly financial liabilities (for example, other loans).

Also upload to the service:

  • your own photo with a passport reversal – so that the information on the passport is clearly distinguishable;
  • photo separately passport;
  • and a photo of a registered bank card, if the borrowed funds will be transferred to it.

Make a loan in  →

Summing up

Summing up‘p

Moneza – MFIs with standard credit terms and familiar discounts for new clients (first loan at 0%). It is not as popular as eCapus or Zimer, but users will find it convenient. Additional precautions for MFIs in providing photos of themselves with a passport, a separate passport and a bank card prevent the risk that fraudsters will arrange a loan for a person without his knowledge.

The advantage is a paid opportunity to extend the loan for 30 days if necessary, if the required amount of money by the maturity of the debt was not. It is necessary to calculate the financial capacity and pay off the debt on time, in order not to encounter any unpleasant calls from representatives of the organization, as noted by MFI clients in a review. However, this applies to all MFIs — such organizations have a negative attitude towards delinquency, setting penalties for each day of non-payment of debt.

Make a loan →

% together with the return amount paid at a time. If the client makes a delay, you will have to pay a penalty for each day of non-payment of the debt, which will affect the credit history.

If the user is unable to repay the debt within the specified period, a paid option is provided to extend the loan by 14 or 30 days, due to which the CI will not be damaged.

You can repay the debt in three ways – by credit card, online bank or in a bank branch of the Russian Federation. Payment details are listed on the official website of the MFI.

Compared to other MFIs, Moneza has a low failure rate. To receive money, be attentive to the terms of the loan and the quality of photos uploaded to the service.


MoneyMan * Credit online http://www.kalypsokennel.com/moneyman-credit-online/ Tue, 05 Feb 2019 11:40:49 +0000 http://www.kalypsokennel.com/moneyman-credit-online/ Read More »]]>

At the end of 2018, MoneyMan won the first place in the ranking – the national rating agency. Our editorial team also considers this MFI the best on the market. An interest-free first loan, a loyalty program that allows you to get cheap loans, the ability to borrow money for up to 18 weeks and the highest percentage of loan approval, surpasses offers from competitors.

The main advantages of a loan

  • Minimal risk of failure. The highest chance to get money among all MFIs in o

 ur ratings.

  • 0% first loan. With an application amount of up to 10 thousand rubles for a period of up to 15 days.
  • Without documents. Apply online.
  • Instantly. Get an answer within 1 minute
  • Where convenient. In cash, on a card or bank account.


Loan terms

Loan terms

  • The first loan is 0% per day.
  • Interest rate – from 1.5 to 0.8% per day. (decreases with each subsequent loan)
  • The first loan is from 1,500 to 10,000 rubles. (up to 80 thousand at subsequent calls)
  • Deadline – up to 15 days. (up to 18 weeks with subsequent loans
  • Consideration of the application – 3 minutes.
  • Receipt – on the card, in cash through the systems Contact, UNISTREAM (Unistream), the gold crown.
  • The age of the client – from 18 years.


How to get a loan

How to get a loan

To receive money in MoneyMan you need to complete only 5 simple steps.

  1. register on the site;
  2. fill out an application;
  3. specify your contact details;
  4. wait for a decision;
  5. get a loan in the manner specified during the application.



Contacting the Money Man MFI can be more profitable than a loan from a bank or other financial institution. Because this company has several advantages:

  • Money is provided as quickly as possible (usually no more than 30 minutes);
  • There is a loyalty program that reduces the interest rate from 1.5% to 0.8%;
  • You will not need to collect a package of documents, which would be mandatory, please contact your bank;
  • The most transparent and simple terms of cooperation;
  • Payment schedule, which is at hand and which can be seen in your account;
  • The ability to get money in many ways.
  • The minimum overpayment that makes this product profitable options in many situations.

With the help of the above merits of the company, you also have the opportunity to improve your credit history.

Apply for and get a loan in MoneyMan →

The company has been working in the Russian market for many years, which also serves as confirmation of the safety and convenience of working with this microfinance organization. When contacting IFC ManiMan, customers are always confident that it will be easy to either take or return the funds.


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What kind of credit?

The nature and amount of work are the elements that will determine how you organize their funding.

  • Is the amount less than € 75,000? You must opt ​​for a consumer loan.
  • The work of your house exceeds 75 000 €? it will then be a real estate credit.
  • Is this work related to energy savings? If yes, can you benefit from accession aid?

Works of less than 75 000 €

Works of less than 75 000 €

If the amount does not exceed 75 000 € (21 500 € before 1 May 2011) and if the duration is greater than 3 months, which will certainly be the case, you can finance the work of your house with a personal loan and thus benefit from the regulation of consumer credit, in particular the Scrivenner Laws 1 and 2 and the Lagarde Law.


The Scrivenner Act requires the bank to provide the borrower with a prior offer in which all elements of the financing will be included. It is valid for fifteen days. Once the document is signed, you have another fourteen days to retract.

This will prevent you from paying the warranty fee. You will not be asked for a mortgage or deposit type credit housing and you will benefit from reduced fees.

Works greater than 75 000 €

If the work of your house exceeds 75 000 €, you will have to opt for a mortgage. You will benefit from the protection of borrowers on this type of loan: issuing a prior offer valid for 30 days and a cooling off period of 10 days.

Unlike a consumer loan, a home loan requires either a mortgage guarantee or the establishment of a mutual guarantee. The file fees are also generally more important.

However, it may be interesting to obtain a mortgage to finance the work of his house.

First, the interest rate will be lower and you can opt for a longer repayment period, credit up to 35 years or more.

Also think about the mortgage, it can very well match your needs. The mortgage life loan, in particular is particularly suitable for retirees who will have nothing to settle during the term of the loan, the borrowed capital and interest being repaid at term.


Aid to finance the work of the house

Aid to finance the work of the house

When the work improves the energy performance of the dwelling, the public authorities offer the borrowers various aids for accession.

Eco-loan at zero rate

The eco-loan at zero rate was decided after the Grenelle Environment Forum to fight against the greenhouse effect due to the emission of gas.

You can benefit for work on a main residence built before 1990.

To benefit from the eco-loan at zero rates, you must realize either a “work package” included in six categories defined by decree or improve the energy performance of the house.

List of works included in the bouquet
  • Roof insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Exterior windows change
  • Changing the heating or hot water production with a condensing boiler
  • Installing a heater that uses renewable energy
  • Installation of hot water production using renewable energy

Housing savings loan

If you have taken out a home savings transaction, consider questioning your banker. Depending on when you opened the transaction, the rate conditions may be advantageous.

Beware: The home savings account savings plan and the home savings plan are two different operations that do not allow you to obtain a different credit rate to finance the work of your home.

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The obstacles that await you

For those seeking to obtain a loan abroad, the obstacles are many and usually end up rejecting the best wishes.

Difficult to find information

Difficult to find information

First of all, you have to be able to find the information. Which country should we turn to? What are the formalities to accomplish? How to find a reliable interlocutor?
The Internet does not easily answer these questions, proof that the practice has not been democratized.

Brokers, on the other hand, are only rarely aware of the mechanics of credit arrangements abroad.


Regulatory Issue for Non-Residents

 Regulatory Issue for Non-Residents

Some countries easily open accounts for non-residents, such as Switzerland or Luxembourg, but the access conditions may not be right for you, as the entrance fee is rather high. It is usually not easy to open a bank account without a work contract or a residence permit.

The language barrier

Other “natural” obstacles await you as the language barrier if you are speaking to a non-French speaking country. You will have to master English. But imagine an interview conducted in Madrid in English with a loan agreement written in Spanish. Hard to find more complicated.

Things become easier if you have dual nationality and you master the language.

Travel expenses

 Travel expenses

Also think that you will not be able to get a loan abroad in one interview. You will need to provide for travel expenses, or even accommodation if you have to stay more than one day.

The case of people registered with the FICP


People registered with the Banque de France in the Central Payment Incident File (FICP) no longer have access to credit. All the borrowers who found themselves one day in this case know how difficult this situation is.

Making a credit abroad then appears as an interesting alternative, the FICP incident file being only available to French and foreign banks established in France.

This lack of transparency also makes foreign banks suspicious and no less demanding than French banks. And without sufficient information, there is every reason to bet that the bank refuses the loan.

Favorable situations to borrow abroad

The case of border workers

 The case of border workers

Border workers are in a better position because they have a work contract in the country. To put a French bank in competition with a bank in the country is a logical approach.


For Swiss cross-border commuters, it will even be appropriate to benefit from the advantages of a mortgage in Swiss francs to avoid currency risk. Indeed, Switzerland is not part of the European Union and wages are therefore paid in Swiss francs.

Buy a property abroad


Buying abroad facilitates the negotiation of an on-site loan. First of all, the foreign bank will not be surprised by your approach. Then, the establishment of a guarantee will be facilitated with a mortgage on the property.

What is the regulation that applies?

Since 2002, all European banks use the same mathematical formula to calculate the overall effective rate. This directive makes it possible to compare identical offers.

In addition, it is strongly recommended to compare only the TEG which takes into account all the ancillary costs related to your mortgage. We also talk about APR which annualizes the rate.

If you get a loan from a foreign bank, you will have to ask yourself the problem of the regulation of the contract. Will it be subject to the law of the country where the bank is located or to the French regulation which is one of the strictest and most protective of Europe.

Rome Convention on Credit


The Rome Convention protects the borrower and prevents the bank from depriving it of the regulation of his country if it is favorable to him. The bank and the borrower then freely designate the regulations that will apply to the loan agreement. Otherwise, the law of the country will apply.

However, in practice, it is difficult to force the bank not to choose the regulations to be applied.

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This MFI to everyone who wants is issued the first loan without interest . Due to the high percentage of approval, an interest-free loan and the opportunity to get a loan from the age of 18, this micro-financial organization led our rating of MFIs that issue loans at 0%.

An additional and unimportant advantage will be the fact that money can be received around the clock on Visa / MasterCard, Qiwi, Yandex.Money cards, Contact and Golden Crown transfers or to a bank account.

To issue the first loan without interest  →

E cabbage - a loan without interest for the first time

The main advantages 

The main advantages 

  • New customers can get a loan at 0% .
  • The first loan you take is completely free. And if you return every next time, you get a discount on the commission and an increased limit.
  • Loans are available throughout Russia from any city or locality. All you need is internet access.
  • Acceptance of online applications, the decision to provide a loan and the issuance of loans – around the clock in automatic mode. No need to wait while people compare information.
  • Admission to a bank card – within 15 minutes.
  • When registering, no bank card is required, so getting an instant loan in the eCapus becomes simple and enjoyable.
  • Transferring money to any account – the first and any loan on Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Visa / MasterCard , transfer Contact, Gold Crown or bank account.

Apply for a loan →

The main conditions for granting a loan 


  • Your age from 18 to 75 years inclusive
  • Any mobile phone required
  • Availability of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, preferably with registration in any region of Russia

MFC “eKapusta” was one of the first companies that began to issue micro loans and form the market for this financial instrument.
Having passed through many changes and improvements, this microfinance organization is one of the most exemplary in the market. Thanks to this, you can get a loan quickly, without additional checks and calls.