What Should Women Invest To Be Stable And Safe In The Future?


Women are always careful and far away, so the appropriate investment channel for them is the channel with high stability and safety.

1. Send money to the bank

1. Send money to the bank

Bank savings is always considered as a safe and stable investment channel. The interest rate of the bank is not much changed, the profitability level is not too remarkable but still quite good and guaranteed.

Current 6-month or 9-month savings interest rates are currently fluctuating from 6-8% per year, longer terms such as 12 months, 13 months and 24 months with interest rates up to 8.6% when send big amount. In general, the current interest rate is stable, not volatile, the increase and decrease only ranges from 0.1 to 0.3% / year.


As a distant future, women are always aiming at saving and contingency for unfortunate uncertainties, so saving is a channel not to be missed. Savings will help them to easily manage their savings, security and enjoy investment benefits while preserving their initial capital.

Moreover, the forms of savings are more and more convenient and convenient, from sending online to applications, e-wallets linked to banks, so that senders can trade in / out anytime and anywhere without to worry about cumbersome procedures.

2. Purchase government bonds

2. Purchase government bonds

“Government bonds are bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance to mobilize capital for the state budget or mobilize capital for specific investment programs and projects within the scope of state investment.”

Investing in government bonds means putting money to own government bonds at face value stated on bonds for a certain period of time (5 years / 10 years / 20 years) and entitled to periodic income at interest rates rate announced by the government.

It is possible that the interest rate of government bonds is not as high as the savings interest rate, but this is considered a safe investment channel and almost absolute capital preservation capability. In addition to the recurring income, the buyer is likely to enjoy a higher return than the initial investment value when the bond price fluctuates.

As a safe and attractive investment channel compared to savings deposits, government bonds should be added in the women’s portfolio. With low risk, high capital preservation, women can be assured of saving for the future, and still have a stable source of income and when the need for large amounts of money can still be resold or pledged at credit institutions.

However, the condition of the amount of money on a transaction of government bonds is quite large from tens of millions to hundreds of millions, so buyers need to balance financially and carefully consider before investing.


3. Investing in life insurance

3. Investing in life insurance

Life insurance is also considered an investment channel in addition to protection and savings. Life insurance does not bring great value in terms of investment, but it offers great protection and accumulation benefits.

When investing in insurance, women do not necessarily have to be investment experts but entrust the leading experts of insurance companies so it will be very leisurely. In addition, women who invest in insurance do not need to contribute large amounts of capital but only need to invest the money with monthly savings to benefit and reserve for the future.

The woman in the family always wonders how to save money for the future, how to prevent risks for the whole family and also wants the money to be profitable, the life insurance is the most desirable channel. . At that time, the same amount of investment in life insurance made all three functions: protecting the whole family against unexpected risks, accumulating for the future, increasing assets quickly.

For women, the factor that is put on top when investing is safe, stable and secure, so these are the three most appropriate investment channels. Each channel has its own strengths, depending on the needs, experience and personal financial situation to select the best channel or invest in all 3 channels.


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